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Brother Kerry Steele, Jr. was in a motor cycle accident on Monday 2/12. As of this posting (Tuesday morning) The Doctors are encouraged that the swelling around his brain has greatly reduced from yesterday. He remains unconscience with broken ribs on his right side. Please say a prayer for our Brother.

We have set up a donation box at the Union Hall to accept donations for Kerry & his family. Please give to help!

2/20 - As of last night - no more visitors are allowed to see Kerry. His Doctors have requested total rest and no viisitors. Please respect these wishes.

Wednesday morning update: Late night cat scan showed good results. Doctors are reducing medication to assist Kerry in regaining consciousness.

Friday morning update: Brother Kerry had a Tracheotomy successfully performed to clear his oxygen path & improve his blood flow. His scrapes on his face have been treated and His Doctors continue to see overall improvement.

Monday 2/19 Update: Brother Kerry is now breathing on his own. Doctors are trying to keep him calm due to Kerry's frustration of not being able to wake. All signs show improvement, though. Keep praying for our brother in need.

Brother Kelvin Kerr is out of the Hospital and has transferred to CC Young Assisted Living: 4847 W. Lather Drive #100, Dallas 75214, room #324. Off Mockingbird & Lather. He welcomes all visitors.

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